Al-FaJia Beads Digital Tally Counter Tasbih with Athan Alarm Clock Auto Prayer Time Qibla Direction Hijri Calendar Dual-Language


AL-FAJIA Tasbih Counter Islamic Prayer Time and Athan Sound Reminder Digital Tasbih Counter for Men/Women

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This digital finger counter with AZAN & pray time display, meeting all kinds of needs.

This electronic Account counter helps you relax and unzip.

Mini sized counter is light weight, so it is easy to carry.

A great mobile tasbih for all muslim brethrens. Used for all kinds of meditation,relaxation, active fingers, etc.

Suitable for meditation relaxation, prayers, active fingers, chanting, etc.


*【Worldwide Prayer Times】- After Changing the City, the Counter Will Recalculate Athan Times Automatically.

*【Athan Sound】- MECCA Athan Sound Reminder.

*【Calendar】- Gregorian Calendar & Hijri Calendar.

*【One key to Tasbih】- Allah Rosary Digital Counter, Multiple Settings.

*【Quran Bookmark】- Keep Record of Your Quran.

*【Prayer Alarms】- Set Prayer Alarms.

*【Multi-language】- English,Arabic.

*【Qibla】- Relative to North.

*【Taqweem】- Several Taqweem to Choose.

*【Backlight】 Lcd with Backlight.

*【1 Year Warranty】- Give You A Good Brand Quality Guarantee(except batteries).

*【Display Type】-Digital.

*【Length】- 50 mm.

*【Width】- 30 mm.

*【Height】- 105 mm.

*【Weight】- 70 g.


Worldwide Prayer Times: After Changing the City, the CounterWill Recalculate Athan Times Automatically.

Athan Sound : MECCAAthan Sound Reminder.

【Calendar】: Gregorian Calendar & Hijri Calendar.

One key to Tasbih: Allah Rosary Digital Counter, Multiple Settings.

Quran Bookmark】:  Helps to Keep Record of Your Quran.

Prayer Alarms】: Set Prayer Alarms.

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