【TRUE WIRELESS EARBUDS】: Discover the freedom of Lenovo Thinkplus earbuds for a life on the go. Workout, listen to music, and manage your calls using wireless headphones with microphone.


【Convenient to open the cover and use】 :  It is more convenient to open the cover, take it out, turn it on automatically, and use it in pairs. Single and dual modes can be switched at will, and even the left and right headphones can be used alone.


【HANDS-FREE CALLS: 】: Bluetooth headphones with microphone for clear audio during phone calls. Automatically switches to mono when making phone calls, for a more natural call experience.


【High compatibility and low latency】: applicable for iOS/Android phones, computers and other devices with Bluetooth-compatible function

【Waterproof 】: Water won’t ruin your workout. Your IPX5 water-resistant can keep the beat going even with a little rain.

【HD Surround HiFi Sound Quality 】: High-quality moving coil drivers provide powerful, balanced noise-cancelling 9D stereo for an incredible listening experience.

【Super Bass Sound: 】: Relive the memories of every beat of your favorite song with an 11-mm woofer and 6.5-mm tweeter built into every earbud.


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✅ The JBL wireless Bluetooth headset, 12D stereo, enables you to have a symphony surrounding your mind, a 14mm customized sound unit, combined with a non-ear cavity design, an open, transparent and natural sense of hearing, bright, thorough and distinct spatial three-dimensional performance, which is intoxicating.

✅ New bone conduction ear-hanging sports earphone, semi-ear design does not distend pain, comfortable, non-invasive and painless wearing, crazy throwing away, suitable for sports.

✅ Bluetooth 5.3 chip, the connection is faster, more stable and lower delay, giving you the audio-visual game sound and picture synchronization you want. Intelligent algorithm purifies human voice to make clear calls even in noisy environment.

✅ Fast charging and long battery life, using Type-c fast charging technology with large-capacity battery charging faster, longer use, easy to cope with various training, to meet the daily and outdoor long-term use needs, digital display of electricity, Type-C fast charging is more convenient.

✅ Take out the automatic startup second connection, switch between single and double at will, and take out one or two earphones from the electric compartment at will, which can be used automatically and quickly. Dual-host dual-channel feature, single-binaural mode can be seamlessly switched, and the left and right headphones can be used independently.

✅ Directional sound wave transmission, more concentrated sound transmission, effectively reduce the phenomenon of sound leakage, protect privacy, avoid sound amplification, listen to songs and talk without worry, avoid disturbing others, and enjoy the hearing feast quietly.

✅ Bluetooth headset sealed design, X7 waterproof and sweat-proof, more comfortable to use.

✅ Aiming at the pain points of outdoor use, the newly optimized design is safe, stable and comfortable for sports. The sound HIFI sound effect activates your power and senses the environmental sound in real time. The semi-ear listening mode allows sports lovers to maintain their perception of the external environment while listening to music.

✅ Widely compatible, smooth connection without limit, as long as there is Bluetooth can be connected, the country can be compatible with all nasal dimension system platform equipment.

✅ One-handed light touch blind exercise, no need to take out the mobile phone during exercise, easy to switch songs, quick calls and wake up the voice assistant.

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