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Would you like to have real time documentation of YOUR road journey everyday In HD Video? 


Mensah Bolt Driver

Have You Ever Wondered If There Was A Way To Record all Activities That Goes On Your Day Journey On The Road, While Also Concentrating On Your Driving?
Have You Ever Been In A Situation where you needed to Video Record An Event On The Road?

Hi Friend;

My name is Benjamin Ampadu, a Bolt Rider with different experience with different riders.

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then you’ll be excited to hear about this new car dashboard camera with multiple lens.

No doubt, If you are an Uber or Bolt driver, you are supposed to have a durable, high-performance and reliable (both in day and at night) dash cam to film what happened not only on the road ahead but also in your vehicle as an evidence to protect you and your passengers. 


The New 3-camera Car Dashboard Blackbox camera For All Cars, Trucks, other Vehicles.

You Can Use this camera to record what is happening in front of, inside and the back of your car.

This Dashcam has been rigorously tested and has been shown to provide another layer of protection for both rider and driver



Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

You need a dash camera for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Liability protection in the case of an accident (recorded footage of accident)
  • Hit and Run evidence recording (capture video of the perpetrator) 
  • Protection from road rage incidents
  • Liability protection for UBER, BOLT drivers
  • Cargo protection for fleet vehicles (reduce theft or damage of good by capturing video)
  • Funny and Interesting road experience videos 

This dashcam is equipped  a small built-in battery. This battery isn’t meant to power the camera for long periods of time, but is there in case power from the car is severed during an accident. The internal battery ensures the camera will keep recording even after a major accident.

This dashcam also comes with a power cord that plugs into the 12v cigarette lighter outlet in your car. Plug this cord in, and you are up and running! This cord is usually quite long, long enough to tuck behind and route around the interior panels of your vehicle (on the way to the power outlet) so it will not be visible to the driver or passengers.

There are many reasons to choose a 3 lens dash camera, one of the main ones being that the most common automobile accident type, is the rear end accident. Meaning you have a greater chance of being rear-ended (especially in city traffic) than you do of getting into a front end accident (as you are in control of your car, where you have no control of what someone does coming up behind you, to some extent).

Also, for bolt/uber riders, in the event that riders harass or insult you, the footage from the interior coverage can serve as evidence for the police


Isn’t that amazing?

If you’re in Accra, you get it within 24-48 hours. Outside these places you will get it in 2-3 days

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*1 Dashcam – 450 Cedi
*2 Dashcams –  900 Ghc
*3 Dashcams –  1250 Ghc
*4 Dashcams – 1600 Ghc

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